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New Trends of Flexible Led Screens

Nov. 05, 2022

Nowadays, LED screens can be widely used and designed for every different application scenario, the shapes, and styles of LED screens vary a lot. There are different shapes among shaped LED screens, such as arc type, curved type, hexahedron type, strip screen, spherical screen, etc. Multi-picture soft flexible led wall has been realized, which leads to three identical and lifelike images with views from any angle of the display. 

Flexible Led Screens

In order to meet those various project requirements, the soft LED module product has been successfully developed. It breaks through the limitation of the traditional LED display on the regular shape and can realize the display effect with various creative shapes, which is more visually stunning than the traditional display.

Soft Led Displays

Compared with the traditional PCB module, our soft module has high strength resistance to compression and distortion, the good ductility enables it very suitable to make any creative shape, support hanging installation, fixed installation, etc, to meet any requirements of site installation. In addition, the magnetic module design enables quick installation and convenient maintenance. We pay high attention to the product quality, our soft modules in high quality will cause fewer after-sales issues, seamless splicing and good flatness realize outstanding displaying performance, bringing fashion and unique visual experience to audiences. 

Flexible Led Wall

Through technological innovation and maturity, the application field for creative shape LED Screen is more and more extensive, it will generate more commercial value and can be taken as works of art for people to enjoy.


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