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High Transparent LED Smart Glass Screen

Nov. 05, 2022

High Transparent LED Smart Glass Screen

Led glass screen is composed of conductive glass, laser etched lines, Led chipset, PVB glue and panel glass. Transparency is its characteristic. Because of its beautiful and elegant surface, it uses commercial vehicles such as glass and showcases to display commercial advertising information to users. Recommended products, full of sense of technology, suitable for large and medium-sized city square lighting projects, glass curtain walls, etc.

 LED Smart Glass Screen

Self-developed IC True 16bit 

The driver IC is embedded in the design, and the lights are integrated into one. Each IC has a GAMA circuit to correct grayscale, which makes the transmission speed fast, high accuracy, and has the function of resuming the breakpoint.

Glass Display Transparency up to 95%

The high transparency of led glass screen, will not affect indoor and outdoor lighting, and will not affect the original design.

When the screen is on, it can be used as digital signs and broadcast advertisements.

When the screen is off, it's building wall.

High Strength Safe & Reliable

The impact strength is 5 ~ 10 times that of ordinary glass

Tempered laminated glass has high strength

The glass will not fall if it breaks

Ensure personal safety

 IP65 Outdoor Use

Led glass screen waterproof grade IP65,

There is no electricity leakage in the building,

Can work normally.    

High Transparent LED Smart Glass Screen



LED photoelectric glass allows traditional glass to display full-color images. It is an innovation in the LED industry and a brand new experience.

It can make your space full of sense of science and technology, sense of art, and every innovation has an inevitable big opportunity.


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