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Innovation of Led Screen Industry-Adhesive Led Transaprent Screen

Jun. 12, 2020

Since the 1970 s, LED display began to enter in fields like aerospace, aircraft, automotive, industry, communication and consumer products, etc. In other words, the application scopes of the LED display screens cover all components of national economic development.

After more than half a century development, the LED industry continues to maintain rapid development, which returns to rationality, intensified competition, and reinforcing industry concentration. The increase in the scale of the industry has accelerated, the overall increase in the industry has increased, and the industry's intensive development effect is also obvious. The cost-effectiveness of LED display applications continues to increase, and the application fields are broader.


With the development of LED display technology, LED displays have been widely used in the fields like government, finance, transportation, sports and advertising with outstanding advantages.

At present, LED displays are mainly used in application market like outdoor advertising, commercial display, security monitoring command and dispatch, stage rental, traffic display, stadium screen, glass curtain wall , TV station, theater, etc.

In 2019, the market share of the four major application markets ---- the outdoor advertising, the commercial display, the security monitoring command and dispatch, and the stage, totaled nearly 80%. LED display screens are the most widely used and mature in outdoor advertising, and have the most abundant application scenarios.

However, on the background of continuous advancement of LED technology, improvement of market requirements and the innovation of creative design, screens with higher requirements for transparency, lighter weight, thinner thickness, more diversified styles and higher energy-saving requirements are highly needed in the current market. The simpler the installation structure is, and the less impact it will have on the existing buildings, the better the screen will be. The LED industry will surely usher in new challenges and opportunities.

The latest LED adhesive screen and LED transparent film screen developed by Zhongrun Optoelectronics have a transparency up to 95%, and can be bent freely. They weight only 6KG/m2 and the thickness is only 4mm. Without the steel structure, the screen can be directly attached in the glass curtain wall without affecting the original structure. 

Compared with traditional led display, our led transparent adhesive screen possesses obvious technical advantages in transparency, weight, and installation method. Our transparent LED adhesive screen will be favored by the market in the future. Besides, the led transparent adhesive screen can be directly attached indoors, without affecting the appearance of the building and the tedious reporting process. There will inevitably be many designers and merchants using the film screen in the project, which means that the market of led transparent adhesive screens is just around the corner.

According to statistics, the outdoor advertising market will reach 10.54 billion yuan in 2021, the glass curtain wall market will reach 2.92 billion yuan in 2021, and the LED stage rental market will reach 10.13 billion yuan in 2021. With the fierce competition of traditional screens, the profit of LED adhesive screens and the transparent film screen will be huge, which will definitely attract numerous agents, distributors, and engineering companies.


Adhesive led transparent screen and transparent film screen are an innovation in the LED industry and a brand-new experience which can fill your space with a sense of technology and art. There must be big opportunities behind every innovation! Looking forward to creating a better future with you!


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