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What is a Transparent LED Screen?

Nov. 30, 2022

Transparent LED displays are making a statement in the world of lighting technologies, but how are there different from normal LED video displays? First, they offer higher brightness for direct viewing. The lighting is semitransparent and looks like "glass" to help keep the space and natural light intact. 

They also meet most security ordinances as well as allow you to forgo meeting requirements for outdoor signage in most municipalities. Pixel pitch is clear display works the same way, but the PCB is turned on its side to allow transparency. 

Commercial Led Display

Transparent LED displays are available in a variety of pixel pitches, which affect the transparency of the LED display. Higher pixel pitches offer less pixel density, more transparency, and lower resolution. Lower pixel pitches offer more pixel density, less transparency, and higher resolution. Screens typically have a lower pixel pitch on the Y axis and a higher pixel pitch on the X axis. 

Glass Led Wall

Why choose led transparent screen displays?

To create an interactive customer experience, the transparent led displays will make your business more visible and attractive to customers. With the minimum pixel pitch of P2.6-5.2, and a high refresh rate of 3840Hz, they are ideal for closer viewing distance to present vivid displaying effects. Not only there are standard cabinet sizes of 1000x1000mm and 1000x500mm, customized cabinets are also available to form a seamless glass led video wall.

Transparent Led Screen

You might find these transparent LED display screens used in a wide variety of places, like large building curtain walls, showrooms, shopping malls, retail stores, nightclubs, airports, etc. We are already proven and tested provider of your LED screen needs. We are keen to provide turnkey solutions for our clients.



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