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750 Square Meters Transparent Led Grid Screen in Asia's Largest High-speed Rail Station

Nov. 05, 2022

Zhongrun Optoelectronics undertook the transparent LED grid screen 

of Asia's Largest High-speed Rail Station in this September. 

On September 30, 2020, after 21 days of intense production,the large LED screen in front of 

Xiongan Station manufactured by Zhongrun Optoelectronics was officially lighted up

750 Square Meters Led Grid Screen in Asia's Largest High-speed Rail Station

Using ultra-light and ultra-thin aluminum alloy embedded LED type, custom-produced into 

P27.25-90 LED grid led strips, a large LED screen with an area of 750 square meters is formed.

transparent led grid screen

With high brightness of 5000CD/sqm, the screen not only has good transparency of 82%

but also ensures clear displaying effect.

Led Grid Screen with high brightness

Our grid screen is easy to install, easy to use and maintain, without excessive steel structure,

which greatly saves transportation and installation costs.

Led transparent display

Committed to the production, research and development of high-end led displays,

Zhongrun Optoelectronics provides professional solutions for various large-scale projects.


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