P1.25 P1.56 P1.875 Small Pixel Pitch Led Display

With the development of technology, people's pursuit of a more perfect display effect has not stopped. Fine pixel pitch led display is a led video wall with 1.2, 1.5, 1.8 and 1.9 mm pixel pitches. Giving a new meaning to multi-functionality and quick installation. and the innovative design significantly reduces labor needs and the cost of installation.


Fine Pitch Led Display

Fine Pitch LED Display provides impeccable viewing experience, super high contrast ratio together with HDR technology deliver highest quality images with ultimate clarity and detail. With such a high resolution, small led pitch led display is used for large TV replacement beyond 100 inches with 4K or Full HD resolution, meeting rooms, conference rooms, traffic control room etc. 


1. Command and Control Center

2. Radio and Television Studios

3. Meteorological Information Centers

4. Hotel lobbies, Airports, Theaters

5. Brand Chain Store

6. Exhibition and Showroom

P1.875 Small Pixel Pitch Led Display

High Resolution

Small pitch led display brings a vivid display effect. Available pitch from 1mm to 2mm with close viewing distance.

Narrow Led Display

16:9 Golden Ratio Design

The 16:9 aspect ratio provide perfect image quality, and achieve popularresolutions like Full HD, 4K and 8K, 

and customized to meet different application requirements.

Small Pixel Pitch Led Display

Seamless Splicing

The panel is manufactured by using high precision mold & CNC process, so bezel free of each panel

allows a large led display or led video wall combined without seams.

P1.875 Small Pixel Pitch Led Display

Full Front Access

The unique cabinet design and the magnetic module make installation and maintenance extremely fast and convenient,

saving installation time and labor costs.

P1.875 Small Pixel Pitch Led Display

Dual Backup Interface

     Dual backup system supporting dual power supply and system backup, There will be stable and reliable display

image even one of them meet some problems.

event led display

Small Pixel Pitch Led Display


Pixel Pitch0.937mm 1.25mm 1.56mm 1.875mm 
LED Configuration Four-in-one Gold WireSMD1010SMD1010SMD1515
Pixel Density 1137777dot/m2640000dot/m2409800dot/m2284444dot/m2
Module Size 150X168.75mm150X168.75mm150X168.75mm150X168.75mm
Module Resolution 160X180dot160X180dot96X108dot80X90dot
Cabinet Size 600X337.5mm600X337.5mm600X337.5mm600X337.5mm
Cabinet Resolution 640X360dot480X270dot384X216dot320X180dot
Scan Mode64S45S54S45S
Driving ICICN2069/MBI5754ICN2065/MBI5264
Max.Power Consumption 800W/m²
Ave. Power Consumption 260W/m²
Gray Scale16bit
Cabinet Weight 4.5kg/Panel
Viewing Angle (H/V) 140°/140°
Refresh Rate3840HZ
Control ModeSynchronous display with control PC by DVI
Support InputComposite,S-Vido,Component,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
Operation PowerAC110~ 240V,  50/60Hz
Operating Temperature - 20°C~60°C
Operating Humidity 10%~90% 
Operating Life≥100,000hours
MaintenanceFront Service



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