P40 Led Mesh Curtain Video Wall

Our led mesh screen waterproof grade IP66, flame retardant V0, anti-UV resistance, Class III electrical safety, these make the screen work more effective and stability in a different environment. The led curtain video wall can work with different shapes, with viewing angel 120°, pixel color and pixel pitch can be customized according to the demand of the various projects.

Our pixel pitch can be customized from 16mm-200mm to meet the different requirements of the application.

Besides, LED Mesh Curtains have become a popular choice for outdoor building facade, ceiling LED, recreational and sports events, the stage for concerts and bars, Christmas tunnel, Christmas tree decoration, water curtain screen film, decoration lighting, etc.



1. Operating temperature from -40℃~+60℃

2. Waterproof grade IP66, can be used outdoors for a long time

3. Light in weight, just 6.3kg/m²

4. High flexibility to perfectly match the building facade

5. Anti-UV resistance

led stage curtain


The pixel pitch could be customized from 31.25mm to 200mm, the color of the screen could be white, transparent, 

yellow, black, etc. The size could be customized according to multiple installation scenes.

Customized Led Curtain Display

Flexible Led Mesh Screen Display

High Brightness

With high brightness of up to 10000nits, the soft mesh screen is visible in the daytime, and suitable for various media facades.

Mesh Led Display

Easy & Fast Repair

Soft mesh screen has the advantage of Lighting resumes even some close lamps break, broken lamps are 

individually replaceable, quick, and easy maintenance effectively reduces maintenance costs.

(Click here for maintenance video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nxSM53knCM)

Fast Repaired Led Mesh Screen

Quick Installation

Fast installation and removal without screws by shackle connection & modular large panel, easy to ship, 

install and maintain, which makes rental events easier.

(Our installation video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L6E5qRz1_mE&t=1s)

Easy-installed Led Mesh Curtain Video Wall

Mesh Led Curtain Wall

High & Low-Temperature Resistance

A workable super low temperature of the led mesh screen is -40℃

Workable high temperature is +60℃

The transparent mesh screen operates normally even under challenging conditions.

Flexible Led Curtain Display

Schematic diagram of transparency

With a pixel pitch of 40mm, the P40 mesh screen series has a 54% transparency.

P40 Led Curtain Video Wall

System Connection Diagram

Controlled by the Nova control system, building walls can simply perform just like a normal but giant video screen.

system connection diagram of soft led screen

LED mesh screens have ultra-high flexibility, and transparency, and are easy to install and maintain. These advantages make them an excellent choice for outdoor building facades, ceilings, cultural and sports events, stages, decorations, lighting, etc.


ZR18-P40 Led Mesh Screen Specification
Model ZR18-1Dot-P40ZR18-2Dot-P40ZR18-4Dot-P40
Pixel Pitch                                                                                                        40mm
Pixel Density                                                                                                      625dot/m²
Max. Module Size0.32m*11.6m max.0.32m*8.72m max.0.32m*5.8m max. 
Max. Consumption 282W/m²375W/m²563W/m²
Ave. Consumption94W/m²125W/m²188W/m²
Max. Module Resolution8dots*290dots max.8dots*218dots max.8dots*145dots max.
LED TypeRGB 3IN1 SMD3535*1RGB 3IN1 SMD3535*2 RGB 3IN1 SMD2727*4  
Input VoltageAC110~240V, 50/60Hz DC7.5/12VAC110~240V, 50/60Hz DC12VAC110~240V, 50/60Hz DC15V
Transparency                                                                                                    54%/m²
Screen Weight                                                                                                     6.3kg/m²
Sub-Controller Weight                                                                             640W-5.8kg, 1280W-7.2kg, 2100W-9kg
DOT Size                                                                                    L20XW18XH14(mm)    D18mm
Driving IC                                                                                                     UCS5603
Video Source                                                                                              DVI, HDMI, VGA
Viewing Angle                                                                                                120°(H)/120°(V)
Gray Scale                                                                                                    12-16bit
Display Scale                                                                                                   68.7 Bilion
Refresh Rate                                                                                                    ≥1920Hz
Control System                                                                                                       Nova
Signal Transmission                                                                                        CAT: 80m or Fiber Optic
Working Environment                                                                    Temperature -30℃~+60℃,Humidity10~90% RH
IP Rating                                                                                                         IP66
Operating Life                                                                                              ≥100,000hours
Certificate                                                                                               CE, ROHS, FCC



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