P55 Led Stage Curtain Display

P55 led mesh screen is a better solution from the view of effect and economic when the area size is large. We have finished many successful projects with P55 mesh screen, usually for national large-scale project, each project area exceeds 2000 square meters. Many of the restricted application of traditional screens can be realized by our led mesh screen.

LED Mesh Curtains have become a popular choice for outdoor building facade, ceiling LED, recreational and sports events, the stage for concerts and bars, Christmas tunnel, Christmas tree decoration, water curtain screen film, decoration lighting, etc.



1. High transparency up to 66%/sqm

2. Ultra Light with only 4.2kg/m²

3. Anti-UV resistance

4. Waterproof IP66

5. Adopting the Nationstar led, low energy consumption

led mesh screen

High Transparency

The high transparency of led mesh screen reduces the occlusion of the viewing angle of the building, 

at the same time, the light transmission is also increased. When the screen light, u could see the advertising video. 

When it's off, it's like a building curtain wall far away.

P55 Led Stage Curtain Display

led video curtain


Owing to the characteristics of lightweight, it's popular by large stage events. 

The led curtain video walls will help more for the whole stage. 

Installation and removal is also less costly than traditional rental led screen.

ultra-light soft led video curtain

Easy to Install & Maintain

 Module design for easy transportation and convenient installation, hanging type and wall-mounted type are feasible. 

What's more, when the single LED dot is broken, it can be taken up to repair,

which largely reduces maintenance costs and efficiency.

(Click here for the installation step https://youtu.be/L6E5qRz1_mE )

led mesh transparent screen

led curtain video display

High-end Customized

The led brand of the mesh screen is nationstar golden wire. The pitch could be from 16mm to 200mm. 

The color could be white, transparent, yellow, black, etc. The most important is we can design the size for your shape, 

whatever the irregular application and size are.

Mesh Led Stage Curtain Display


The mesh screen can be folded, rolled up, and curved to freely combine with the facade of most buildings. 

Thus, the application range is larger than the conventional screen. Such as glass curtain walls, irregular building 

facades, landscape project, science, and technology museum, stage background, bar, and decorative lighting.

soft led mesh curtain

System Connection Diagram

Controlled by the Nova control system, building walls can simply perform just like a normal but giant video screen.

P55 Led Stage Curtain Display


ZR18-P55 Led Mesh Screen Specification 
Pixel Pitch55mm55mm55mm55mm
Pixel Density330dot/m²330dot/m²330dot/m²330dot/m²
Module Size0.44m*15.95m max.0.44m*12m max.0.44m*8m max.0.44m*5.5m max.
Max. Consumption 149W/m²198W/m²297W/m²429W/m²
Ave. Consumption50W/m²66W/m²99W/m²143W/m²
Transparency                                                                                                      66%/m²
Screen Weight                                                                                                     4.2kg/m²
Module Resolution8dots*290dots max.8dots*218dots max.8dots*145dots max.8dots*100dots max.
Unit Consumption0.45W0.6W0.9W1.3W
LED Type

RGB 3IN1 SMD3535*1

RGB 3IN1 SMD3535*2

RGB 3IN1 SMD2727*4 RGB 3IN1 SMD2727*6
Input Voltage


50/60Hz DC7.5/12V


50/60Hz DC12V


50/60Hz DC15V


50/60Hz DC24V

Transparency                                                                                                      66%/m²
Screen Weight                                                                                                     4.2kg/m²
Controller Weight 640W-5.8kg, 1280W-7.2kg, 1400W-7.2kg, 2100W-9kg
DOT Size  L20XW18XH14(mm)    D18mm
Driving IC HBS1910/UCS5603
Video Source DVI, HDMI, VGA
Viewing Angle 120°(H)/120°(V)
Gray Scale      12-16bit
Display Scale 68.7 Bilion
Refresh Rate ≥1920Hz
Control SystemNova
Signal TransmissionCAT: 80m or Fiber Optic
Working Environment Temperature -30℃~+60℃,Humidity10~90% RH
IP Rating IP66
Operating Life≥100,000hours
Certificate CE, ROHS, FCC



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