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The Trend of Led Transparent Screen Series

Aug. 14, 2020

The weight of the traditional LED display is generally more than 30kg/㎡, and the structural load-bearing requirement is high. When the LED display is made of special-shaped products, it will be restricted. When splicing irregular shape, there are seams. The traditional LED display requires a large-scale steel frame when building. The structure is time-consuming and labor-intensive and has a certain impact on the shape and aesthetics of the building. LED display screens are opaque. After the project is installed, it will not light up during the day. The black area will affect the appearance of the building, block sunlight and sight. Coupled with vicious competition among LED display manufacturers, profits are extremely low. Companies could only survive through independent innovation, find new ways, and differentiated competition in products. The high-transparent LED transparent screen series can effectively solve a series of problems above the normal LED display. Our led transparent screen, adhesive transparent screen, led transparent film screen is light, thin and beautiful, it does not affect the appearance of the building without lighting; high permeability guarantees the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of lighting structures between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., and easy to install and maintain, completely change the limitations of normal LED display on glass.

1, Advantages and Opportunities of Glass Led Display

LED transparent screen has become one of the most watched display products in the past two years with its transparent and beautiful characteristics. The 50%-90% transparency rate of LED transparent screen greatly reduces the impact of LED display on the appearance of buildings. In addition, it is installed close to the glass curtain wall, which has avoided the approval of outdoor advertising. Even in the United States, where advertising monitoring is very strict, it has been accepted and welcomed by the government and businesses. Because it is mostly installed behind the glass curtain wall, even when it is not working during the day, it will not cause any impact on the surrounding environment. And when playing the advertisement, when designing the advertisement content screen, the unnecessary background color is removed and replaced with black, only the content is displayed, and the appropriate part is not illuminated during playback, which is a transparent effect. It can greatly reduce light pollution and reduce energy consumption. It can achieve more than 30% energy saving than ordinary LED displays.

With its brand-new visual experience and application experience, LED glass wall screens occupy a place in the market with unique display methods, thin and light appearance design, and high-end fashionable technological atmosphere. With the development of the times, the current urban curtain wall construction , New advertising presentation, landscape exhibition, shopping mall canopy and other fields have unique advantages, glowing with a brand-new display image, and gradually attracting people’s attention, the market has unlimited business opportunities. This product is a new growth point of our company's operating income and profits, quickly occupying the market, and improving the brand's influence and popularity of the company.

2. Current Status, Level and Development Trend at Home and Abroad

Compared with the Chinese market, the overseas LED display industry accounts for a relatively small proportion of global sales. In general, the world's current LED display industry is concentrated in the Pearl River Delta region of China, occupying almost 80% of the entire LED display market sales. At present, the world has initially formed an LED display industry pattern centered on the three major regions of Asia, North America, and Europe. As an earlier and faster mature product in the LED industry, LED displays are currently widely used in outdoor advertising and sports all over the world. Venues, transportation and performances, as well as various occasions such as exhibitions, leases, and gatherings.

Under the influence of the external macroeconomic downturn and the internal price wars of the industry, overcapacity, disorderly competition and other factors, the waterproof and high-permeability rental LED transparent screen developed by our company has broken through the technical breakthrough of extremely transparent, minimalist, advanced concept, Novel and unique features, based on unique structural design, differentiated competition with conventional LED screens on the market, focusing, exerting efforts and intensive cultivation of the market segment of LED displays.

3. Market Prospects

Products in the emerging segment are the hot spots for the development of the LED display industry. The market value of LED transparent screens in 2025 will reach 87.2 billion US dollars. The market demand for transparent screens in my country is very huge, and the market development efforts are far from enough. Just take the glass curtain wall market as an example. According to relevant information, the total area of modern glass curtain walls in China has exceeded 70 million square meters, and its market potential is very huge. The advertising value of this market has not been fully developed. With advertising resources increasingly depleted, glass curtain walls are a new blue ocean field. The scope of this field is very wide, such as city landmark buildings, municipal buildings, airports, automobile 4S shops, hotels, banks, chain stores and other glass curtain wall buildings with advertising commercial value.


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