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Guardrail Transparent Led Screen

LED photoelectric glass screen is a unique innovative technology to embed the LED into the glass, which makes the electro-optical technology and the traditional glass together. It not only retains the light transmission characteristics of the glass but also displays animation and various dazzling colors, which greatly enhances the application of glass.

Pixel pitch could be customized from P8 to P40.


High Transparent Smart Led Glass Screen

Led glass screen adopts unique innovative technology to embed LED light sources into the glass, which integrates electro-optic technology and traditional glass. It not only retains the light transmission characteristics of glass but also can display animation and various dazzling colors, which greatly improves the application.


1, High transparency, above 95%  

2. Brightness up to 6000nit/㎡, available for day time use  

3. IP65 for outdoor use

4. Module design, combine freely

5. Concealed and translucent

6. A stable design with great strength

Self-developed IC, true 16bits

The driving IC is embedded in the design, and the lights are integrated into one. 

Each IC has a GAMA circuit to correct grayscale, which makes the transmission speed fast, 

high accuracy, and has the function of resuming the breakpoint.

Photoelectric Led Glass Screen

Transparent Photoelectric Glass Led Screen

High transparency, good daylighting

The high transparency of led glass screen, will not affect indoor and outdoor lighting, 

and will not affect the original design.

When the screen is on, it can be used as digital signs and broadcast advertisements.

When the screen is off, it's building wall.

Transparent Photoelectric Led Glass Screen

High Strength & Reliable

The impact strength is 5 ~ 10 times that of ordinary glass.

Tempered laminated glass has high strength.

The glass will not fall if it breaks.

Photoelectric Led Glass Screen with High Strength

High Brightness for All Day

Unlike screens from other suppliers with a  maximum brightness of 3000nits, our glass screen reaches up to 6000nits.

Waterproof grade IP65.There is no electricity leakage in the building, which can work normally.

Photoelectric Led Glass Screen with High Brightness

Photoelectric Led Glass Screen

Various Models 

To meet the different requirements of various projects, 

there are pixel pitches from P8 to P40 for choice for the best solution.

Photoelectric Led Glass Screen


1. Glass Curtain Wall

2. High Speed Rail Plartform

3. Brand Chain Store

4. Schools & Banks

5. Gas Station

6. Automotive 4S Shop Exhibition and Showroom


Pixel Pitch(mm)810162031.2540
Pixel Density(px/㎡)1562510000390625001024625
Viewing Distance10-100m12~120m18~150m22~150m35~150m40~150m
Ave. Consumption(w/㎡)≤250≤250≤200≤180≤90≤60
Max. Consumption(w/㎡)≤700≤700≤600≤550≤240≤180
Led LampSMD2121
Driving ICWS2816B
Gray Scale16bit
Refresh Rate≥3840Hz
Thickness of Glass5+2+5 / 6+2+6
Max. Size of Glass≤W1200 X H2600(mm)
Screen Weight with Glass35-40kg/㎡
Viewing Angle160°±10°
Input VoltageAC110/220V±10% 50-60Hz
Output Voltage3.8-5V
Working Temperature(℃)  -40℃~+50℃
Storage Temperature (℃)  -25℃-90℃
Working Humidity(RH)10%-90%
Storage Humidity(RH)20%-90%
Video SourceDVI, HDMI, VGA
Control SystemNova
Signal TransmissionCAT: 100m 
Span Life100000H
Waterproof GradeIP30 / IP65



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