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Car Rear Window Advertising Transparent Led Display

Transparent led display for bus window is designed for buses to transmit information. With high transparency for great aesthetics when it’s off, it can be served as advertising board to catch pedestrians’ eyes to maximize advertising revenue. Using asynchronous control system, supporting full color display, it’s a new trend and innovative way to advertise.


Car Rear Window Advertising Transparent Led Display


The transparent car window LED display is an extension of advertising media LED, 

used for outdoor information announcements, image advertisements, event advertisements, information media.

Compared with ordinary LED displays, LED displays for vehicles 

have higher requirements for stability, anti-interference, anti-vibration.

It is a win-win mode to create new profits for the bus company, 

but also help businesses to promote to show their brands and products anytime and anywhere.

Car Rear Window Advertising Transparent Led Display

High Transparency

60% transparency with great aesthetics when it’s off, which makes it like a real curtain.

bus led display with high transparency

Transparent adhesive led screen

Ultra-light & Ultra-thin

Only 2.8kg/pcs  for easy shipping and less transportation costs

3.6mm thickness for stable installation on bus window

light and thin car window led display

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Module design and self-adhesive function for easily attached to the window 

with less manpower installation cost. Design of power supply below for easier maintenance. 

Car Rear Window Advertising Transparent Led Display

Intelligent Control System

Smart control by 4G and WIFI, support for USB interface, GPS real-time positioning, 

easily controlled by mobile app anytime and anywhere.

Bus Window Transparent Led Display

High Brightness

 Up to 7000cd/㎡ for day time use, it’s clearly visible even under direct sunlight, 

which greatly extend the application time.

Car Rear Window Advertising Transparent Led Display

Mobile Media, Stronger Transformation

Mobile advertising without taking up the space of the car, the moving buses 

with viewing angle of 160°, there are more audiences to receive the information.

adhesive advertising car led screen

High Refresh Rate

3840Hz high refresh rate for immediate dynamic response to present vivid display, 

meeting the requirements of high visual quality for commercial use.

Advertising Adhesive Transparent Led Display

System Connection Diagram

system of bus led screen


Pixel Pitch(mm)8mm-4mm
Module Size(mm)750mm*320mm
Pixel Density(px/㎡)31250px/㎡
Viewing Angle160°±10°
Ave. Consumption(w/㎡)≤250w/㎡
Max. Consumption(w/㎡)≤700w/㎡
Led LampSMD2121
Input VoltageAC110/220V±10% 50-60Hz
Output Voltage3.8-5
Driving ICWS2816
Gray Scale16bit
Refresh Rate≥3840Hz
Working Temperature -20℃-55℃
Storage Humidity(RH)20%-90%
Drive ModeStatic
Video SourceDVI, HDMI, VGA
Control SystemNova
Signal TransmissionCAT: 100m
Span Life100000H
Waterproof GradeIP30



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