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High Brightness Led Transparent Video Display

Transparent screen is a design to reduce the structure's occlusion of the line of sight, improve perspective effect, novel and unique display. The image will display on the glass, when people see the display at ideal distance.


The Indoor LED transparent screen not only ensures the lighting requirements and viewing angle range of the lighting structure between floors, glass facades, windows, etc., but also has outstanding heat dissipation function, anti-aging function, and convenient installation and protection, completely changing the limitations of the normal led displays on glass.

Our transparent LED video display is ideal to be applied at shopping centers, building facades, chain stores, airports, stages and etc.

High Brightness Led Transparent Video Display

Designed For Glass Wall, Shopping Mall

Ideal for enhancing product branding, transparent LED screens are commonly used for indoor window displays.

These screens are a smart choice for advertising and transinformation for anyone 

who wishes to display content without unblocking the light or the view of both sides.

Indoor Transparent LED Screen



The pixel pitch can be customized from 3.91mm-10.41mm.

It can be DIY designed into differeent sizes and different color to meet the needs of various projects.

Customized Indoor Transparent Led Video Display

Framework of LED Transparent Screen

High Brightness

The high brightness and transparency of the LED transparent screen 

provide artists and designers with more space for creation.

Use high light efficient LED lights to lower energy consumption in the same brightness conditions.

Indoor Transparent LED Screen with High Brightness and Transparency

Designed for fast installation & maintenance

Designed for fast setup and easy maintenance, with good installation effect, 

it's cost-effective in installation and maintenance.

Our transparent LED display screens can be easily fixed on the surface of the curtain wall 

without changing any building structure.

 Hang type, sit type & inlaid type are feasible.

Installation of the LED Transparent Screen

Indoor Transparent led Wall

Good heat dissipation

With good natural ventilation and cooling effect, our transparent led displays are designed 

with good heat dissipation function,

which ensures the long operating time of the screen body and power supplies.

LED Transparent Video Wall

High & Low Temperature Resistance

Workable super low temperature of led mesh screen is -30℃

Workable high temperature can be above +60℃

Indoor Transparent LED Screen

Our transparent led screen provides new creative options to do video advertising.

Come and use our high-end screens to wow your audience for their new feeling and for your high performance.


                               Indoor Led Transparent Screen & Hight Brightness
Pixel PitchH3.9-V7.8(mm)H7.8-V7.8(mm)H10.4-V10.4(mm)
LED ConfigurationSMD1921SMD1921SMD2727
Pixel Density32256dot/m216284dot/m29216dot/m2
Scan Mode7S4S2S
Module Size500X125mm500X125mm500X125mm
Cabinet Size1000X500mm1000X500mm1000X500mm
Cabinet Resolution256X64dot128X64dot96X48dot
Viewing Distance>3m>8m>10m
Brightness5000 nit/m²

5000 nit/m²

5000 nit/m²
Max.Power Consumption                                           800W/m²
Ave. Power Consumption                                           260W/m²
Gray Scale                                           14-16bit
Cabinet Weight                                         4kg/Panel
IP Rating ( front/back)                                              IP30
Viewing Angle (H/V)                                         140°/140°
Refresh Rate                                         ≥3840Hz
Environment                                         INDOOR
Control Mode              Synchronous display with control PC by DVI
Support Input       Composite,S-Vido,Component,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
Operation Power                              AC110~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Operating Temperature                                      - 30°C~60°C
Operating Humidity                                        10%~90%
Operating Life                                   ≥100,000hours



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