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New Design Outdoor Transparent Screen

With the stability of LED transparent screen technology and wide attention, more and more LED display manufacturers are beginning to produce LED transparent screens, but most of them can only be used indoors or semi-outdoors. Zhongrun Optoelectronics is very optimistic about the application prospect of the transparent screen in outdoor scenes, and quickly develop the design, reach and development, and production of outdoor LED transparent screen.

Compared with the normal screen, the transparent screen is more beautiful and has higher transparency. With a lighter weight, transparent screens save transportation costs.


The outdoor transparent screen combines all the advantages of the indoor transparent screen. It is a complementary advantage of high brightness, energy-saving, and outdoor waterproof. It consumes twice as much power as a conventional screen. We believe that outdoor transparent screens can be widely used in the future.

Main Advantages

1. Lightweight, which is convenient in transporting and installing & saving labor cost.
2. Nice appearance and simple structures.
3. Easy-installation, being installed & dismounted by one person without tool.
4. High brightness up to 5000 CD/sqm.

5. IP65 for outdoor use.

Exquisite cabinet design to meet customers' high expectations and requirements for the display screen    New Design Outdoor Transparent Screen        

Multiple Installation Methods

Available for outdoor & indoor hanging installation, fixed installation, rental stage  Outdoor Transparent Led Display


Modular Design

Standard cabinet size of 1000*500mm, which can be used to different screen sizes. Whatever the size you need, 

the lightweight aluminum frames are perfectly integrated with application scenarios.

easy to install led transparent screen

High Transparency

60% transparency for great visual effect, not only for stage events, but also for the building facade.

It's not just a led screen for advertising, but a window that looks inside directly.

Led Transparent Screen Look Through

Unique Design

In order to better meet the customer's visual effects, we specially developed a new box, the ultimate power box design, 

similar to the shape of the high-speed railhead, symbolizing the rapid and vigorous development of our company.

P3.91 led transparent screen

High Brightness

Brightness up to 5000 nits/sqm to meet the needs of day time use.

It is still visible during the day, there is no need to worry about insufficient brightness.

Outdoor Transparent Screen with High Brightness


As we know, IP65 means that the product could be waterproof. It can be installed in various outdoor applications,

like building facade, shopping mall, outdoor stage events etc.

waterproof led transparent screen

Zhongrun Manufacturing., the quality is absolutely guaranteed.

Transparent Screen of Good Quality

Cabinet Size

transparent led display 

transparent led screen

The curved lock design makes your radian wall delicate

Outdoor Transparent Display

Outdoor Transparent Screen


Pixel PitchH3.91-V8.9mm H8.9-V8.9mm H10.4-V10.4mm 
LED Configuration SMD1921SMD1921SMD2727
Pixel Density 28672dot/m212544dot/m29216dot/m2
Scan Mode7S4S2S
Module Size 500X125mm500X125mm500X125mm
Bar Resolution 126X14dot56X14dot48X12dot
Cabinet Size                                 1000X500mm
Cabinet Resolution 252X56dot112X56dot96X48dot
Viewing Distance>5m>9m>10m
Max.Power Consumption                                    800W/m²
Ave. Power Consumption                                    260W/m²
Gray Scale                                   14-16bit
Cabinet Weight                                   7kg/Panel
IP Rating ( front/back)                                  IP65/IP43
Brightness                                5000CD/m2 
Viewing Angle (H/V)                                  140°/140°
Refresh Rate                                 ≥1920Hz
Environment                                OUTDOOR
Control Mode       Synchronous display with control PC by DVI
Support InputComposite,S-Vido,Component,VGA,DVI,HDMI,HD_SDI
Operation Power                        AC110~ 240V,  50/60Hz
Operating Temperature                              - 20°C~50°C
Operating Humidity                                10%~90% 
Operating Life                           ≥100,000hours



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