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01 Test PCBA

1. Use a wire cutter to divide the PCBA into 10 units.
2. Place the cut PCBA into the test rack.
3. Put down the handle of the test fixture, press the test switch 5S, release the switch, observe the color change of the light board, and the overall color changes red-green-blue-white.
4. Check out the PCBA with abnormal color.

02 Automatic Soldering

1. The middle shell is placed in the solder fixture in turn, and then fixed by a bead.
2. Split the entire PCBA into one PCBA by hand.
3. Put the PCBA into the solder fixture in turn.
4. Place the solder fixture of the PCBA on the workbench of the soldering machine.
5. Press the soldering machine start button.
6. After the solder is finished, the staff needs to turn the fixture 180 degrees and press the start button again.

03 Semi-finished Test

1.Place the semi-finished products in the test rack in turn. 2. Put down the test stand handle. 3.Press the test stand switch, release the switch after 3S, observe the change of color, the overall color of the light should be yellow-red-green-blue-white, etc., and the semi-finished products with abnormal colors will be removed.

04 Automatic Glue

1. Put the semi-finished product into the jig tray.
2.Put the jig filled with semi-finished products into the surface of the automatic glue filling machine.
3.Press the glue machine start switch button to make the glue machine work normally.
4.After wiping the glue remaining on the surface, carefully remove the semi-finished product with a pliers.
5. Put the semi-finished product into the oven to dry.

05 Ultrasonic Welding

1. Place the semi-finished middle shell into the ultrasonic fixture and put transparent PC.
2. Press the start switch with both hands and remove the finished led after the mask is welded.

06 Combine Upper and Lower Shells

1. Glue the bottom of the middle shell.
2. Place the bottom case and wire into the fixture and place led into the positioning fixture.
3. Place the middle shell into the fixture and cover the pressure plate to locate the led.
4. Press the switch to make the press work. After the led is pressed, the led lights up without abnormality.

07 Assemble the Wire Rope Casing

1. Place a specified number of sleeves into the wire rope.
2. Place the wire rope of the casing into the fixture, fix it with a tool.
3. After leaving the working surface with both hands, the foot presses the pedal switch to make the punch work.
4. Take out the pressed sleeve and continue to repeat the above steps.

08 Finished Product Assembly

1、Snap the wire rope into the back of buckle.
2、The card strips are composed into a network.
3、Place the led strip into the card slot on the front of the card strip, and then use the cork hammer to snap the led into the card slot.
4、Put the led strip into the front of the card to form a network.


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